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The Multidisciplinary Wellness Collaborative is a medical management company that is providing the platform, support, and management of delivery of Breathing Learning Services provided by the Breathing Science Network.

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Services provided by the

Certified Breathing Behavior Analysts trained by the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences


Breathing and its potential effects on our lives, positive and negative, are enormous. We all learn breathing habits. What are yours and how are they affecting you? Find out by registering for a personal live interactive webinar assessment session with a Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst (box 2 below), who will together with you and the use of educational capnography instrumentation evaluate your breathing behavior, collect relevant data, and recommend the necessary steps toward assisting you in overcoming dysfunctional breathing habits, including
improving your breathing mechanics and respiratory chemistry.

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Breathing Habit Interview

25-minute live-interactive
webinar screening session
with a Certified Analyst

$95 [More Details]
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Breathing Habit Analysis

75-minute live-interactive webinar session
with a Certified Analyst
including a 7-day instrument rental

$480 [More Details]
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Breathing Learning Program

Six 50-min live-interactive webinar sessions
with a Certified Analyst
including a 30-day instrument rental

$1850 [More Details]
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Additional Learning Sessions

ADD more consulting time
50-minute learning sessions

$250 [More Details] per session
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Additional Rental Time

ADD to your current rental time
one-week time frames

$150 [More Details] per week
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Special Note:
If you are purchasing a Tutorial Learning Program, you will be making only one appointment at this time. You may make your additional appointments any time once you have created your login.

Completion of the Your Breathing Habits interview form is required for both the Breathing Habit Interview and the Breathing Habit Analysis. This fill-in PDF form may be downloaded here.

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For more information about services, please contact
the Multidisciplinary Wellness Collaborative.
Tel: +1.602.828.0422